ROMEX® Trass Bed
Frost resistant drainage mortar

Frost resistant drainage mortar for pedestrian and traffic loads. Ready to use, highly water permeable and lessens efflorescence.


  • For pedestrian and traffic loads
  • From 3cm layer thickness
  • Highly water permeable
  • Prevents frost damage
  • Lessens water-logging and discolouration
  • Ready to use mixture or Romex Trass Bed Compound
  • Frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • Easy application
  • Lessens efflorescence
  • Compressive strength >22N/mm2

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ROMEX® Trass Bed Compound
Bining agent for the production of a frost resistent drainage mortar

Romex® Trass Bed Compound is a binding agent for the manufacture of bound, water permeable base courses for the laying of natural stone paving stones, as well as natural and concrete stone slabs, on a frost resistant substructure outdoors and it reduces efflorescence.

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ROMEX® Adhesion Elutriant
Primer coat for slabs

Romex® Adhesion Elutriant contains trass cement and is tempered with plastic. It is used as an adhesion bridge for the laying of natural and concrete stone slabs on bonded Romex® Trass Bed.

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